Saturday, 3 October 2009

World Revolution Music Festival 2009 澳門全球變革音樂節 2009 (澳门全球变革音乐节 2009)


An anti-drugs music event organised by Revolution Entertainment, which sends messages about drugs problems towards the youths of Macau through singing and dance performances, as well as some motivational speakers, from various countries and regions.

It was first began as a local indoor music concert in 2007. Last year, the organizers brought in several bands, artists and speakers from overseas including Australian idol finalist Tarisai Vushe, Indonesian movie star Pierre Roland, as well as TVB’s Corinna Chamberlain and The Vine Band from Hong Kong.

Host: Revolution Entertainment and International Christian Assembly (ICA) Macau
Type: Music/Arts - Concert
Date: Saturday, October 3, 2009
Time: 4:30pm - 9:00pm
Location: Praca da Amizade (Friendship Square or Sintra Square), opposite to Hotel Sintra
No Admission Fee

ICA Band (Macau),
Edward Chen (Indonesia),
Matthew Sayersz and 247 Ministries (Indonesia),
Pierre Roland (Indonesia),
Mark Guerrero (US),
Raki Vega (Philippines),
The Vine Band (Hong Kong),
Glory Dance (Hong Kong),
Jae Rich (Hong Kong),
Tanya Riches (Australia),
Chris Sebastian (Australia)

由Revolution Entertainment所舉辦的一場反毒品的音樂盛會 - '全球變革音樂節'。 來自不同國家和地區的表演者透過歌曲及舞蹈形式, 以及一些勵志演講, 向澳門青少年傳達對抗毒品的信息和資訊。 今年將會有來自7個不同國家的樂隊參加這場音樂盛典、友誼和心靈之夜。

主辦: Revolution Entertainment, 澳門基督教國際神召會 (ICA)
日期: 2009年10月3日星期六
時間: 4:30pm - 9:00pm
地點: 友誼廣場(新麗華酒店對面)