Sunday, 29 November 2009

Iconic Multi-media Extravaganza at The Bubble Honored 2009 THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement 天幕超感觀多媒體視聽體驗榮獲2009年國際主題娛樂協會傑出大獎

City of Dreams is proud to announce that Dragon’s Treasure, the iconic landmark showcased in The Bubble at City of Dreams, was honored with the 2009 THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement from the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA). The prestigious THEA awards, now in their 16th year, recognize and honor excellence in the creation of outstanding visitor experiences, attractions, exhibits and places.

Dragon’s Treasure is a 360 degree multi-sensory entertainment experience for visitors to City of Dreams. Featuring media and technical design and integration by Falcon's Treehouse LLC, this 10-minute immersive multi-media experience combines high-definition video content, a sweeping musical score, over 29,000 theatrical LED lights, and a variety of sensory effects to create a stirring multi-media extravaganza. Dragon’s Treasure has been created based on incorporating eastern philosophy and Chinese mythology which is an exclusive experience that dazzles visitors of all ages.

新濠天地隆重宣佈, 獨特圓頂形綜合劇院天幕上演之立體動感視聽節目「龍騰」, 榮獲2009年國際主題娛樂協會所頒發之傑出大獎。 國際主題娛樂協會傑出大獎為業界最崇高獎項之一, 每年均對締造獨特之旅遊體驗、景點、展覽及勝地的業界代表予以表揚及肯定, 今年已是會方第十六年舉辦是項頒獎典禮。

由 Falcon’s Treehouse 精心策劃的立體動感視聽節目「龍騰」, 為到訪新濠天地的遊客呈獻360度超感觀的娛樂體驗。 全長十分鐘的「龍騰」結合多媒體視覺感觀效果、高清數碼內容、獨特樂章, 以及運用超過29,000枚劇院式發光二極體(LED)燈, 集眾多特別效果於一身, 締造極盡視聽娛樂享受。 「龍騰」糅合了東方傳統哲學及中國神話, 以傳故事形式公演, 為各個年齡層的遊客呈獻震撼人心的體驗。