Sunday, 29 November 2009

Damiani introduces its 'Chignon' piece in Macau 意大利珠寶品牌Damiani冬季鑑賞會及展出全新“Chignon系列” (意大利珠宝品牌Damiani冬季鑑赏会及展出全新“Chignon系列”)


Italy Luxury Jewelry House - Damiani, exhibits its new series of 'Chignon' at the Shoppes at Four Seasons' Moet and Chandon Bar, and their own boutique within the Venetian complex between 20th to 30th of November. The series of 'Chignon' represents the fine jewellery and the contemporary style of Damiani. Several important pieces and High Jewellery sets will also be presented. The cocktail party, which was held few days earlier, was attended by the Damiani group Vice President Giorgio Damiani, the third generation of Damiani who manages this famous jewelry company.

Chignon pieces are a sophisticated web of diamond straps. The jewelry features an unbelievable combination of gems and free space. The modern design is balanced and harmonized by a classical choice of materials: white gold and diamonds. At the bottom of this “precious clew” is tied together with a branded rose gold strip.

意大利尊華知名珠寶品牌Damiani, 於11月20日至30日期間分別在四季名店酩悅香檳吧及威尼斯人酒店Damiani專門店展出全新的“Chignon系列”及舉辦“冬季鑑賞會”。 意大利Damiani第三代傳人Giorgio Damiani出席雞尾酒會, 與賓客一同歡慶星光閃耀的夜晚。 Damiani當晚不僅呈獻總值逾億元珠寶秀, 更提供了精彩的娛樂。

Damiani以意大利製作的華麗珠寶在世界著名,並曾獲等同於珠寶界的奧斯卡金像奬的國際鑽石大奬。 是次2009亞洲巡迴展覽中, Damiani將展示數十件由精細手工製作的頂級珠寶, 這些既優雅且珍貴的作品皆為難得展出的鎮店之寶; 其中以“Chignon 系列”為主要焦點。