Sunday, 22 November 2009

Tarquini takes FIA World Touring Car Championship 泰基尼登上國際汽聯世界房車錦標賽總冠軍寶座 (泰基尼登上国际汽联世界房车锦标赛总冠军宝座)

Augusto Farfus took victory for BMW in the shortened final round of the FIA World Touring Car Championship in Macau, as SEAT’s Gabriele Tarquini clinched the drivers’ crown.

Farfus led away cleanly from pole position, and held an advantage throughout the early stages of the race from BMW team-mate Jorg Muller, who himself was fighting off the close attention of SEAT duo Yvan Muller and Tiago Monteiro.

Their battle was interrupted by a safety car on lap three, when Tom Boardman crashed in the Solitude Esses, and then the race was red flagged at the end of lap eight when there was a spectacular crash at the R Bend final corner. Felix Porteiro had run wide and hit the barriers, before his car was swiped by Franz Engstler’s BMW. Engstler’s car was then left stationary in the middle of the track where it was collected heavily by local driver Andre Couto. With debris all over the track there was no option but to halt the race and, after a brief delay, it was decided that the event would not be restarted.

It meant that Tarquini’s fifth placed finish was enough for him to take the FIA WTCC crown, with his SEAT team doing enough to take the manufacturers’ title.

“It is fantastic,” said Tarquini. “I had some crashes in practice and qualifying, which isn’t the best way to approach the weekend in Macau, but the team did a fantastic job to rebuild the car.”

法夫斯(Augusto Farfus)為寶馬車隊勝出賽程縮短的國際汽聯世界房車錦標賽閉幕戰, 與此同時泰基尼(Gabriele Tarquini)宣布登上總冠軍寶座。

排第一起跑的法夫斯在開賽後順利帶出, 他一直保持優勢, 與後面的隊友約克‧梅拿(Jorg Muller)保持一定距離, 後者更要面對SEAT雙雄、伊雲‧梅拿(Yvan Muller)和蒙迪路(Tiago Monteiro)的挑戰。

場上的激戰在第三圈因為安全車上場執勤而緩和, 當時博文(Tom Boardman)在劏狗環撞欄。 在第八圈比賽將結束的時候, 水塘北角彎發生嚴重事故, 大會發出紅旗。 樸迪路(Felix Porteiro)偏離線道然後撞欄, 後面的寶馬車手顏士拿(Franz Engstler)撞向前車。 顏士拿的參賽車停在賽道上, 隨後而至的澳門車手古圖(Andre Couto)猛烈撞向顏士拿。 由於賽道上滿地汽車碎片, 賽會別無選擇只好停止比賽, 比賽延誤了一段時間, 大會決定不重開比賽。

換言之當時排第五位的泰基尼, 成功奪取國際汽聯世界房車錦標賽總冠軍殊榮, 他效力的SEAT車隊也獲得冠軍製造商錦標。

泰基尼說:「太美妙了!我在練習和排位賽都撞車, 以這樣的遭遇展開澳門站比賽絕不理想。 幸好車隊表現無懈可擊, 給我修好戰車。」