Sunday, 22 November 2009

Easton Wins Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix Again 伊斯頓再獲澳門格蘭披治電單車大賽冠軍 (伊斯顿再获澳门格兰披治电单车大赛冠军)

The 26-year-old Scottish road racer, Stuart Easton (Hydrex IGT Honda) won the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix for the second year in a row, breaking the lap record in the process. Easton led the pack away from the start on the opening lap and had built up a lead of over six seconds. His main rival - Conor Cummins (PBM Kawasaki WSBK Team), the 23-year-old from the Isle of Man, then started to catch him rapidly. before his rear tyre began to show signs of excessive wear on lap six. Easton victory was in doubt until the final few yards after striking rear tyre problems. He regained the advantage and then used the lapped traffic to stretch an advantage over Cummins, crossing the line almost two fifths of a second in front of his rival.

Easton set a new lap record for the 6.2km Guia Circuit at two minutes 25.17 seconds – 151.76kph on the fifth lap of the event. Ian Hutchinson, the 30-year-old Yorkshire rider, on a second PBM Kawasaki WSBK Team machine ran home in third place, his best ever finish in the event, after catching and re-passing Gary Johnson, the 29-year-old from Lincolnshire, in the closing stages to cross the line over five seconds ahead.

1. Stuart Easton (GBR) Hydrex Honda
2. Conor Cummins (IOM) PBM Kawasaki WSBK +0.381
3. Ian Hutchinson (GBR) PBM Kawasaki WSBK +9.792
4. Gary Johnson (GBR) A.I.M. Racing +15.598
5. Rico Penzkofer (GER) BMW Macau Racing +24.609
6. Michael Rutter (GBR) Team of Paris - AXA Racing +31.851
7. Simon Andrews (GBR) Team of Paris - AXA Racing +34.327
8. Luis Carreira (POR) Benimoto Suzuki Cetelem +35.207
9. Jeremy Toye (USA) Lee's Cycles Racing +35.493
10. Stephen Thompson (GBR) Robinson Concrete Honda +43.857
12. Mark Miller (USA) Celtic Racing +51.298
13. Mike Barnes (USA) PBM Kawasaki WSBK +1:18.600

26歲蘇格蘭電單車公路賽好手伊斯頓(Stuart Easton), 連續兩年奪得澳門格蘭披治電單車大賽冠軍。 過程中更打破最快圈速紀錄。 伊斯頓參賽車的輪胎在比賽末段嚴重磨損, 開賽後伊斯頓一馬當先, 領先第二位的車手超過六秒, 可是他的戰馬的後輪在第六圈起便出現明顯磨損。 斯頓的勁敵金明斯(Conor Cummins/PMB川崎世界超級電單車隊)很快便追上, 跟亞軍車手鬥至最後一刻才宣布獲勝。 伊斯頓在葡京彎重奪領導地位, 然後借助場上的慢車擺脫對手, 最後以五份二秒勝出比賽。

伊斯頓在東望洋賽道刷新賽事的圈速紀錄時間為2分25.17秒, 在比賽的第五圈造出。 PBM川崎世界超級電單車隊另一名選手赫徹臣獲得第三名, 是這位30歲英國好手參加澳門大賽以來的最佳成績。 他在比賽中與29歲英國車手莊遜(Gary Johnson)鬥得難分難解, 最後赫徹臣成功突圍, 以超過五秒戰勝對方。