Thursday, 12 November 2009

Tum Mardsue of Thailand win the championship in the I-1 King Club Grand Final 泰國Tum Mardsue勇奪新濠天地I-1 泰拳亞洲拳王賽決賽錦標 (泰国Tum Mardsue勇夺新濠天地I-1 泰拳亚洲拳王赛决赛锦标)

Tum Mardsue from Thailand (right) gave his best and defeated Vuyisile Colossa in the I-1 King Club Grand Final

The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) & Muay Thai Grand Extreme is the first major-scale martial arts event offered by City of Dreams, which joined Kontact and I-1 Official in bringing this event to Macau was held at the Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Macau at
City of Dreams on November 7, 2009. An excited crowd of spectators turned up to enjoy actions from four MMA matches, three Muay Thai Super Fights, three Muay Thai Asian Championship (4-man elimination tournament) and one K-1 Asian Championship.

Tum Mardsue of Thailand gave his best and defeated 1st runner-up Vuyisile Colossa to win the championship, earning the honor to participate in The King’s Cup Super-8 2009 in Thailand next month.

List of winners from the matches are as below:
* MMA fights: Ngoo Ditty, Rodrigo Caporal, Antony Res and Jess Liaudin
* I-1 Super fights: Bryan To, Sawat Phusongset and Santichai
* I-1 King Club Grand Final: Tum Mardsue
* K-1 Asian Championship: Halnazan Ramazan

新濠天地、Kontact 與I-1 Official 攜手合作呈獻首項大型職業搏擊賽事 - 在2009年11月7日假新濠天地澳門君悅酒店大宴會廳舉行的綜合格鬥及泰拳匯戰, 賽事共包括四場綜合格鬥拳賽、三場泰拳超級擂台戰、三場泰拳亞洲拳王賽(四人淘汰制)以及一場K-1 亞洲錦標表演賽。

在I-1 泰拳亞洲拳王賽決賽中, 來自泰國的Tum Mardsue在決賽擊敗Vuyisile Colossa, 技壓群雄而勇奪錦標, 獲得出戰於12月在泰國舉行的泰皇盃的殊榮。

* 綜合格鬥拳賽 : Ngoo Ditty、Rodrigo Caporal、Antony Res 及Jess Liaudin
* I-1 泰拳超級擂台戰 : Bryan To、Sawat Phusongset 及Santichai
* I-1 泰拳亞洲拳王賽 :Tum Mardsue
* K-1 亞洲錦標賽 : Halnazan Ramazan