Thursday, 10 December 2009

Delectable Set Dinner at Ying restaurant - Altira 「帝影樓」呈獻星級美味佳餚晚宴 (「帝影楼」呈献星级美味佳餚晚宴)

Savor the best of Chinese dining in two exclusively created dinner menus at Ying Altira from now until 31 December 2009.

At MOP$788 (Subject to 10% service charge), you’ll be treated to the finest Shark’s Fin, the most tender Wagyu Beef, deliciously marinated Soya Chicken and six other delectable dishes.

For the gourmets who desires the best, there is the scrumptious 9-course set dinner menu at MOP888 (Subject to 10% service charge), featuring top-notch Shark’s Fin, lusciously Braised Abalone, the perfect Roast Goose and the freshest Garoupa.

星級餐廳「帝影樓」精心設計兩款四人尊貴金秋雙響晚宴, 誠邀您盡享非凡美食體驗。 只需澳門幣788元 (需另加10%服務費) 就可享用極品和牛、香濃魚翅、嫩滑豉油雞及其他六道美食。

「帝影樓」更為您準備另一尊貴晚宴。 只需888元 (需另加10%服務費) 即可享用尊貴的雞煲翅、鮑魚盛宴, 更包括烤鵝及鮮嫩石斑等共九道佳餚。