Thursday, 10 December 2009

SJM’s newest casino - Oceanus opens on the 15th December 澳博回力海立方娛樂場12月15日開幕 (澳博回力海立方娱乐场12月15日开幕)

Oceanus at Jai Alai


Sociedade de Jogos de Macau (SJM) will inaugurates their newest casino - Oceanus, on the 15 of December at Jai Alai. The casino will formally open to the public at 8pm.

The casino comprises of 260 tables and 560 slot machines, in a total area of 32000 square meters of gaming space over three floors, goes to occupy the area of the former site of "New Yaohan" department store. A range of food and beverage outlets and retail shops will be located within the property.

Casino Oceanus - designed by the renowned casino architect, Paul Steelman. Its interior is decorated in cool blue colours combined with warm reds, oranges and greens meant to be redolent of the sea and corals. The building’s façade gives the visual impression of being enveloped in multi-coloured bubbles.

澳門博彩股份有限公司旗下的回力海立方娛樂場(「海立方」)將於12月15日隆重開幕。 娛樂場將於當天晚上8時正式向公眾開放。

海立方位於澳門外港客運碼頭對面, 由有蓋天橋連接。 三層合共3萬2千多平方米的博彩大樓設有超過260張賭枱及超過560台角子機。 作為澳門最新的地標, 海立方的外牆由不規則的氣枕膜結構嵌套而成, 好像是給許多五彩繽紛的泡泡包裹著, 組成簡潔自然的幾何圖案。 娛樂場是由設計師Paul Steelman負責室內設計。 內部的主題顏色為酷藍色, 配以溫暖的紅色、橙色和綠色, 予人置身海洋的感覺。