Friday, 4 December 2009

Wynn Chef's Series 5 永利名廚集5 - 紅8真味菜譜 (永利名厨集5 - 红8真味菜谱)

Chef Leung Wai Mun


Wynn Macau’s Red 8 Chinese restaurant is offering Red 8’s Selected Chinese Specialties of completely new dishes, specially created by Chef de Cuisine Leung Wai Mun and his team for the Wynn Chef series - designed to display Chinese food culture with dishes that showcase a variety of cooking styles, ranging from cooking with the wok, to dim sum, Beijing-style dim sum, barbeque, and noodles & congee. Available from December 14 to 31.

The Red 8’s Selected Chinese Specialties includes:
• Sautéed scallop and shrimp with assorted vegetables - MOP 128*
• Baked chicken fillet with chili conpoy sauce wrapped in lotus leaf - MOP 68*
• Roast baby pigeon with homemade sauce - MOP 88*
• Soup noodle with handmade cuttlefish balls - MOP 40*
• Deep-fried bean curd skin rolls with seaweed and shrimp filling - MOP 38*
• Pan-fried dumpling filled with Chinese chive and minced pork - MOP 24*
* All prices are subject to 10% service charge

紅8粥麵呈獻由高級主廚梁偉民師傅及廚師團隊設計的紅8真味菜譜, 透過精湛的中式烹調技巧及上乘食材將中華美食文化推至更高層次。 紅8粥麵高級主廚梁偉民師傅曾於瑞士的Zurich Hotel International及印尼的Ming Seafood餐廳擔任中菜主廚, 及曾任職於香港鳯凰新村著名的敍福樓海鮮酒家。 在飲食業界擁有超過25年的經驗, 畢生鑽研中國美食的藝術。

單點菜式以多種傳統中菜的烹調手法炮製, 包括小炒、點心、京點、燒味及粥麵,每道菜餚均出自紅8粥麵的各個烹調部門。

•海皇小炒 – 澳門幣128元*
以新鮮生猛的澳洲帶子及大蝦炮製這道有別一般傳統粵菜小炒, 再加入鮮甜冬菇、蘆筍及鮮百合一同炒香

•荷香煨雞球 – 澳門幣68元*
用百里香、香茅及薑酒等香料把雞肉醃香, 加入洋葱, 芫荽及自製XO醬烹調, 最後用荷葉包裹雞肉蒸煮, 醬料及荷葉的香氣互相交融

•琵琶乳鴿 – 澳門幣88元*
以自家特調的醬料塗抹於乳鴿身上, 並以傳統的北京烤鴨爐配加州蘋果木烤焗, 琵琶乳鴿均為即叫即烤

•墨魚丸麵 – 澳門幣40元*
•紫金腐皮卷 – 澳門幣38元*
•韮菜盒 – 澳門幣24元*

* 另加10%服務費

日期: 12月14日至12月31日
地點: 紅8粥麵, 永利澳門