Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Golden Flower at Wynn Macau 永利澳門京花軒 (永利澳门京花轩)


Pic Source : Wynn Macau



Master Liu Guo Zhu and his seven culinary disciples present the finest flavors of China's north.

In addition to the revered cuisines of Shandong and Sichuan, Golden Flower offers rare chance to experience authentic Tan cuisine, an exclusive culinary tradition from the Qing Dynasty.

The delicacies of Tan are rooted in the passion of a historic Cantonese official who took up residence in Beijing, and made it his personal quest to blend the finest of northern and southern cuisines.

Inspired by the Asian dining room of a British shipping tycoon and the Oriental aesthetic of Venice, Golden Flower is an intimate venue in a garden setting that reflects China's historic influence on the world. A series of amber, translucent teapots, inverted and carefully mounted on the ceiling, point the way to a unique dining experience.

Golden Flower also has two private dining rooms which can seat up to ten people each. Dinner is served from 6 pm to 10:30 pm

Location : Wynn Macau
Tel : 8986 3663


除了魯菜及川菜等經典名菜外, 京花軒將為賓客帶來非凡的清朝官府菜 - 譚家菜。 譚家菜由祖籍廣東的清朝官僚譚宗浚創立, 他一生熱愛珍饈百味, 最終揉合南方及北方菜的特色而創造出享負盛名的譚家菜。

受到英國航海帝國時期風格的設計和威尼斯的東方美學所啟發, 京花軒的設計主題充份體現了中國歷史對世界的深遠影響。 京花軒的入口附近有多個琥珀色的茶壺倒置於天花上, 展現出與別不同的高雅氣派, 引領賓客進入無以上之的餐飲體驗。

餐廳設有兩間可容納十人的貴賓廳。 營業時間由每天下午6時至晚上10時30分。

位置: 永利澳門
電話: 8986 3663