Friday, 29 January 2010

Richie Jen Gala Dinner and Concert at City of Dreams Grand Hyatt Hotel 任賢齊澳門新濠天地君悅酒店星級晚宴演唱會 (任贤齐澳门新濠天地君悦酒店星级晚宴演唱会)

Richie Jen

Macau City of Dreams presenting Richie Jen Gala Dinner and Concert, bringing to you a brand new, refreshing entertainment experience! Unlike most concerts, City of Dreams “Dining with the Rich and Famous” programme offer audience to enjoy a sumptuous dining experience with friends and family designed by the celebrated Grand Hyatt chef. The dining hall will transform into a luxurious concert hall, offering our customers a live, close-up concert experience. The refreshing combination of Richie Jen and FAMA is destined to offer our customers an unforgettable musical experience! It will be an evening journey that combines the best of taste, music and visual experience.

In celebrating the year of the Tiger, we have selected the seventh day of January of the Chinese calendar (a day birthday for all) for the event, bringing together friends, in celebration of the festive Chinese New Year. For more information, please visit or email to

Date : Saturday, 20th February, 2009

Time : 7:30pm (Dinner) and concert will be started at 9:15pm

Venue : Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Macau at City of Dreams

Ticket Price : A Reserve - $1,880 (Dinner & Show), B Reserve - $380 (Show only)

Language : Chinese

Special Guests : FAMA

Chinese New Year Special Menu (For A Reserve $1880 ticket-buyers)
* Prawn and avocado salad with dill and lemon dressing
* Double boiled morel mushroom with wild red whelk soup
* Stewed abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, mushroom, oyster, dried scallop, sea moss and vegetables in bamboo tube
* Steamed garoupa with glutinous rice
* Desserts selection - Sesame balls with Osmanthus pudding and lotus root
Including free flow of soft drink and mineral water

新濠天地首推嶄新的「濠門夜宴」全方位體驗, 讓客人可以品嚐由澳門君悅酒店著名大廚為您精心預備的晚宴之後, 盡情享受音樂娛樂等表演。 場地更會化身成華麗閃爍的表演舞台, 讓觀眾近距離欣賞由任賢齊與表演嘉賓農夫的精湛表演, 為觀眾一次過提供味覺、聽覺及視覺三面極盡奢華愉悅的全方位享受和滿足。 是次演唱會特別選擇於大年初七–人日的歡樂日子舉行, 適逢新春, 最適合與親友聚首一堂, 熱熱鬧鬧地歡度新春。

詳情請瀏覽 或 Email:

日期 : 2月20日星期六

時間 : 晚宴於晚上7時30分開始, 演唱會於晚上9時15分開始

地點 : 澳門新濠天地君悅酒店大宴會廳

價格 : $1,880 (晚宴及演唱會), $380 (演唱會)

語言 : 中文

特別嘉賓 : 農夫

* 普天同慶賀新春(大蝦牛油果沙津配香草檸檬醬)
* 益壽延年開顏笑(羊肚菌燉野生紅螺)
* 竹報平安顯富貴(翡翠鮑魚海味攢盒)
* 年年有餘萬貫金(清蒸青班配糯米飯)
* 財源滾滾展鴻圖(炸煎堆拼桂花蓮藕)