Saturday, 6 February 2010

Italian luxury brand Tod's opens its first boutique in Macau - Tod's首間澳門專門店開幕 (Tod's首间澳门专门店开幕)


The Italian luxury brand Tod's opened its first boutique in Macau, at the luxury retail shopping mall "One Central Mall". The brand is famous for manufacturing so-called "democratically aristocratic" footwear.

This 240-square metre store elegantly accentuated with Tod’s signature vacchetta leather and stainless steel grid features, promises an intimate atmosphere and aims to satisfy the growing needs of luxury products and appreciate the timeless elegance of a Made in Italy accessory, which is eternally chic. The boutique is uniquely designed, with two separate spaces dedicated to Women’s and Men’s collection which blend together to provide a seamless shopping experience.

國際品牌Tod's首間澳門專門店開幕。 Tod's亞太區總經理Mauro Malta表示該品牌視澳門為亞洲最重要市場, 未來亦計劃在澳門加開多間專門店。 位於壹號廣場的Tod's專門店, 佔地240平方米。

Mauro Malta表示澳門是很具吸引力的市場, 且極具潛力。 在澳增加旗艦店, 希望生意額亦會理想。 品牌視澳門為亞洲最重要的市場, 澳門雖然地方細, 但高級品牌市場仍有很大的增長潛力。 現時該品牌經營策略將會專注澳門業務, 未來可能會考慮在澳門增加兩至三間專門店, 主要視乎經濟發展情況而訂定擴張計劃。