Friday, 5 February 2010

2010 Lunar New Year Activities in Macau 澳門2010農曆新年慶祝活動 (澳门2010农曆新年庆祝活动)


* Firecrackers were once one of the three staple industries of Macau, the legacy of which still lives on in annual fireworks events. This year, Macau Government Tourist Office holds its much-anticipated fireworks display on the evening of 13 February in celebration of the Lunar New Year. Look for an unforgettably spectacular fireworks show at the Macau Tower ushering in the Year of the Tiger - the difference is Macau!

Time: 11:00 pm
Venue: Macau Tower seafront
Organizer: Macau Government Tourist Office
Tel: 2833 3000
Display lasts approx. 15 minutes

* On 14 and 15 February, a parade of dragon and lion dances will wend its way through the Ruins of St. Paul's, Senado Square, A-Ma Temple, Macau Fisherman's Wharf, Rua da Cunha and Av. da Praia in Taipa. Join the parade of the 238m-long golden dragon and 18 lions on 14 February. And watch out for the 12 Chinese Zodiac mascots and the Gods of Fortune, Happiness, Prosperity and Longevity, dispensing lucky 'Lai Si' (red packets) to passers-by.

* Macau Tower holds its 'CNY Walk' on 16 February, with the admission-free event welcoming visitors to take up the challenge of climbing the stairs to the Tower's observation deck on the 61th floor. A number of celebrations will be held throughout the city - it's no wonder that Macau is a magnet for tourists throughout Lunar New Year!

* Visitors are also attracted to various local Lunar New Year delicacies such as dumplings, puddings, steamed turnip cake and other festive foods, while Portuguese restaurants near A-Ma Temple offer Macanese favourites like 'Tacho', a dish cooked Portuguese-style with pig's skin, chicken, Portuguese dried meat and Chinese ham, in a succulent mixture of East and West.

Firecrackers & Fireworks Zones
Locations: Macau - Av. Dr. Sun Yat Sen (near Macau Tower), Taipa - Seaside of Est. Alm. Marques Esparteiro (near Hotel Regency)
Date & Time: 13 Feb - noon to 2:00 am (next day), 14 to 18 Feb - 10:00 am to 2:00 am (next day)

New Year Flowers & Gift Stalls
Location: Tap Seac Square
Date & Time: 6 to 12 Feb - 9:00 am to midnight, 13 Feb - 9:00 am to 2:00 am (next day)

Incense & Pinwheel Stalls
Location: Foreground of A-Ma Temple
Date & Time: 13 Feb 6:00 pm to 14 Feb 6:30 pm, 15 to 20 Feb - 9:00 am to 6:30 pm

Lunar New Year Activities,

Macau Tower

* 旅遊局特別在年三十(13日)晚上在澳門旅遊塔對開海面舉行煙花表演, 以慶祝農曆新年的來臨。
旅遊熱線: 2833 3000

* 初一及初二(14日及15日)舉行舞龍舞獅巡遊表演, 從大三巴牌坊出發,途經議事亭前地、媽閣廟、澳門漁人碼頭、氹仔官也街以及龍環葡韻等地。 238米長大金龍及18頭醒獅巡遊更於初一巡遊助慶, 盛況空前, 而十二生肖、福祿壽三星及財神在各景點向遊人拜年及派利是。

* 澳門旅遊塔於初三(16日)舉行「步步高陞登塔日」, 免費開放予公眾步行登塔至61樓觀光層, 讓旅客在新的一年齊登高峰。 除了上述豐富活動, 還有許多慶祝活動於全城舉行。

* 農曆新年可品嚐的特色美食數之不盡, 總有理由讓你大快朵頤。 一定不會錯過湯圓、年糕、蘿蔔糕等應節食品。 若你到媽閣廟上香參拜, 可順道到附近著名的葡國菜館品嚐風味葡國菜, 來個中西文化交融。 獨一無二的土生菜如葡國雜燴(Tacho),把豬皮、雞、葡萄牙香腸、中國火腿等混合燴成,是土生葡人於農曆新年必吃之選。