Friday, 26 March 2010

Peaches performs at Venetian Macau - 電子龐克女王Peaches音樂會澳門威尼斯人站 (电子庞克女王Peaches音乐会澳门威尼斯人站)



The Venetian® Macao and the founders of Rockit Music Festival® are proud to present Peaches, the bad girl of electro punk for her first live show in China. The self-made, self-produced singer, who has collaborated with everyone from Iggy Pop to M.I.A. to Pink – is without question – the leader of the electro punk movement.

Peaches hit the mainstream in 2006, and since then has been featured in major films and TV shows such as Lost in Translation, Ugly Betty, 30 Rock and the L Word. She has also been a featured artist at outdoor music festivals including Big Day Out and Coachella.

Always pushing new boundaries, her latest show ‘Peaches Christ Superstar Featuring Chilly Gonzales’ featuring DJ Frankie Lam and other local acts promises to be one of the most exciting shows of the year.

Date : Sunday, 18th April, 2010

Time : 5pm

Venue : CotaiExpo™

Ticket Price : MOP$300 General Admission (Advance Purchase), MOP$380 General Admission (Door)

Language : English

澳門威尼斯人®與香港戶外草地音樂節Rockit®Festival攜手呈獻-電子龐克女王Peaches的首個中國演出,傳奇冶艷壞女孩,勢必炸爆全城!這位先后與「龐克之父」Iggy Pop、M.I.A.以至Pink等大牌合作的唱作女歌手,由創作到大碟監制全部一手包辦,絕對是推動電子龐克音樂發展的表表者。

Peaches於2006年起進攻主流娛樂界,至今她已於多套電影及電影劇中亮相,包括電影《迷失東京》、電視劇《俏Betty》、《我為喜劇狂》、《女歡女愛》等。她亦曾在悉尼”Big Day Out”搖滾音樂季以及美國沙漠音樂祭Coachella等領銜演出,均獲得熱烈評價。

Peaches以大膽露骨的音樂著稱,不斷地挑戰新的音樂極限,這次她的全新電音演出「Peaches Christ Superstar Featuring Chilly Gonzales」更邀來DJ Frankie Lam助陣,還有其他本地電音界猛人,勢必成為本年度最熱辣辣的電音演出!所有派對動物萬勿錯過!

日期 : 4月18日星期日

時間 : 下午 5 時正

地點 : 金光會展

價格 : 澳門幣$300 不設劃位 (預先購票), 澳門幣$380 不設劃位 (即場購票)

語言 : 英文