Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Macau voted “City with Most Economic Potential” 澳門 - 亞洲經濟潜力城市 (澳门 - 亚洲经济潜力城市)

Macau was voted as the “City with Most Economic Potential” by “fDI – Foreign Direct Investment”, in a competition organized for the first time by fDI to choose the “Asian Cities & Regions of the Future 2005/2006,” the Macau government said. The “fDI” magazine is part of the Financial Times group which is mainly focused on reporting and analyzing activities and movements of direct investment all over the world.

According to fDI, the aim of this competition and selection was to examine the development of Asian cities and regions in the future. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, was jointly voted with Macau to be the city with most economic potential in Asia.