Monday, 23 June 2008

SJM to raise 5.1 billion HK dollar in Hong Kong IPO 澳門博彩招股擬招集資51億港元 (澳门博彩股拟集资51亿港元)

Macau tycoon Stanley Ho's casino flagship Sociedade de Jogos de Macau (SJM) is going to raise about 5.1 billion HK dollar in the Hong Kong initial public offering. The company will offer 1.25 billion shares at a price between $3.08 to $4.08 HK dollar each. Deutsche Bank had estimated the net asset value of STDM at between 15 billion to 19 billion dollar. Subscription will go on offer from June 26 to July 2. International offering accounts for 85% of the shares being offered, with the remaining 15% are offers to the investors. The company will be list on the main broad of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on 10 July. This will be the third largest IPO in Hong Kong this year if the deal is completed.

Stanley Ho's sister, Winnie Ho, have been locked in a legal dispute over the shareholding structure of STDM and cause the company withdraw its 1 billion US dollar IPO plan on January this year.

STDM is currently operating 19 casinos in Macau. It has a total of 305 VIP gaming tables, 1,100 mass market gaming tables and 3,700 slot machines.

SJM Holdings raised 3.85 billion Hong Kong dollars at the Hong Kong IPO, but the company was seeking as much as 5.1 billion Hong Kong dollars in the IPO. SJM has failed to raise the maximum amount due to the a number of reasons such as concern that SJM will keep losing market share to foreign operators.

澳門「賭王」何鴻燊旗艦澳門博彩香港IPO擬籌集最多51億港元 (原定集資約10億美元)。最快可於一個月內完成上市, 希望公開認購部分可做到人人有份。澳門博彩擬發行12.5億股新股, 招股間為每股3.08至4.08港元。德銀報告估計澳門博彩最新估值為150億至190億元。

於今年1月由於受阻於何鴻燊胞妹「十姑娘」何婉琪截擊, 澳門博彩一度暫緩其10億美元上市計劃。

澳門博彩在澳門經營18間娛樂場, 75個貴賓廳提供合305張貴賓賭臺, 1,107張中場賭臺及3,702部角子機。

澳門博彩6月25日公布上市詳情, 85%國際配售新股,15%公開發售新股。

由6月26日至7月2日中午12時正接受公開認購新股,7月10日主板掛牌, 按每手500股計入場費 $2,060.58元。

消息透露澳門博彩控股以下限每股3.08港元定價, 發售12.5億股, 集資額38.5億港元。

澳門博彩股份有限公司計劃未來四年斥資210億港元發展多個項目, 重點將是重建葡京酒店及多家位於澳門和金光大道賭場