Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Sampras and Agassi donate items for online charity auction 森柏斯及阿加斯捐珍藏拍賣籌款 (森柏斯及阿加斯捐珍藏拍卖筹款)

Grand Slam Champions Sampras and Agassi - the two former rivals will renew their rivalry in The Venetian Macau Tennis Showdown in October this year.

The Venetian Macau and IMG recently organize the online charity auction for the 'The Venetian Macau Tennis Showdown'. Twenty nine personally signed items or memorabilia are to be auctioned before the match. It includes autographed Sampras and Agassi shirts, shoes and rackets, and three priceless coin toss experiences for the three matches. Fans will also have the rare opportunity to hit exclusively with Ryan Harrison and/or Yuki Bhambri in two twenty minute sessions. The moeny will be donate to respective Charities and Foundations including “Andre Agassi Foundation” and Pete Sampras' “Aces for Charity” program - which will help to support those who are less fortunate. The event also supports the “Make-a-Wish Foundation Hong Kong-Macau”, its mission is to grant wishes to children suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

將於10月舉行的「澳門威尼斯人 - 網球爭霸戰」。 賽事以網上拍賣森柏斯及阿加斯的物品為慈善機構籌款, 拍賣活動已拉開帷幕。

是次「慈善品」包括29件球星簽名物品及極具珍藏價值紀念品, 森柏斯與阿加斯將捐出其簽名球衣、球鞋和球拍等私人珍藏, 及機會難逢的賽前『擲銀仔』機會。 參與是次拍賣的得獎球迷, 更可與一親友獲得與球星班布里或哈里森擊球達20分鐘的珍貴機會。 所有善款將撥歸「阿加斯慈善基金會」, 「森柏斯的 “Aces for Charity” Program」及「願望成真基金」 - 致力幫助病重的兒童達成願望。