Thursday, 10 September 2009

Mastermind JAPAN x ROLEX Submariner 澳門網上拍賣 (Mastermind JAPAN x ROLEX Submariner 澳门网上拍卖)

Mastermind JAPAN x ROLEX Submariner

A perfect collaboration between mastermind Japan and Bamford Watch Department - they’ve together produced what looks to be a very slick Rolex Submariner. The watch is made up of all black and contains a small mastermind logo found on the dial.

This collaboration is part of the Japanese brand’s Fall/Winter 2009 Collection. With only 9 watches available throughout the world, Macau has one of the watch available (with the production number 8). This watch will be open for bidding online at a price of MOP $180,000, starting from 24th September.

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全球惟一獲ROLEX官方認證之改表專門店Bamford & Sons(BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT)發行的mastermind JAPAN x ROLEX Submariner的超限定手錶, 此作全球推出10枚, 極罕數量。 mmJ領軍人本間正章(Masaaki HOMMA)已把1號作品納入其個人收藏, 即是流出市場僅有9枚。

mmJ澳門直營店則成功為一眾暗黑迷爭取到1枚幸運編號「8」之mmJ x ROLEX Submariner。 mmJ會於9月24日起於mmJ Macau網站(, 以底價$180,000作網上競投, 拍賣截至9月26日為止。 同場加映只售$248之Ron Herman x mmJ保溫杯。