Sunday, 22 November 2009

Japan’s Keita Sawa claimed victory in Macau GT Cup 日本車手澤圭太勇奪澳門GT盃 (日本车手泽圭太勇夺澳门GT盃)

Japan’s Keita Sawa finally claimed victory at the wheel of his LKM-backed Lamborghini Gallardo GT3, winning the second running of the Macau GT Cup today. Sawa grabbed the lead from pole-sitter Darryl O’Young in a Porsche Cup S at the rolling start and never looked back, although his Hong Kong rival fought hard to the end. The intense battle saw the LKM-Team Jebsen driver cross the line just 0.285 seconds behind Sawa at the end of the 10-lap race. Third was Briton Danny Watts in a Porsche 997 GT3 Cup, 23.077 behind the leader.

But all eyes were on the fight for the victory between Sawa and O’Young. The Japanese held off his hard-charging rival, who was right on the limit, knocking the walls on more than once occasion. Time and again his attempts to overtake where thwarted by Sawa, and yellow flags in the run to Lisboa bend on the final lap put pay to his hopes of notching up a four Guia Circuit victory.

Said a thrilled Sawa: “It’s fantastic! Four years is too long to wait to win in Macau. I was not worried by the Safety Car, I just focussed on the restart which, through experience, I know how to handle. On the last lap, the back markers had me worried though. I didn’t feel pressure from Darryl behind me as he was the challenger. He was under more pressure than me.”

日本車手澤圭太, 駕駛LKM贊助的林寶堅尼Gallardo GT3跑車勇奪第二屆澳門GT盃。 澤圭太在開賽後擊退以保時捷Cup S參賽的歐陽若曦, 此後便一直領先。 雖然歐陽若曦奮力反攻, 可惜無功而回。 澤圭太跟LKM捷成車隊的歐陽若曦鬥得難分難解, 二人在這場十圈比賽只以0.285秒分勝負。 駕駛保時捷997 GT3 Cup參賽的英國車手屈斯(Danny Watts)獲第三名, 落後冠軍車手23.077秒。

全場焦點落在澤圭太和歐陽若曦的激戰。 歐陽若曦發揮至極限, 戰車多次擦過賽道旁的圍牆, 日本車手澤圭太卻成功抵擋對手的進攻。 歐陽若曦多次試圖越過澤圭太都未能成功, 到了最後一圈, 大會於葡京彎發出黃旗, 歐陽若曦第四次在東望洋稱王的美夢頓成泡影。

心情興奮的澤圭太說:「真是美妙絕倫!等了四年才能在澳門獲勝, 時間太長了。 安全車上場沒有使我擔憂, 我有足夠經驗應付, 我只專注再次起步。 到了最後一圈, 一些慢車反而困擾我。 我沒有因為歐陽若曦在後面追趕而感受壓, 他才是挑戰者, 壓力應比我更大。」