Sunday, 1 November 2009

City of Dreams Ambassador Honored at 'The Art of the City' Collection Début 新濠天地向隋建國教授頒授藝術品味大使 (新濠天地向隋建国教授頒授艺术品味大使)

The Legacy Mantle

Mr. Lawrence Ho was joined by Professor Sui Jianguo to release ‘The Art of the City’ collection guidebook at City of Dreams.

City of Dreams announced that Macau’s art scene becomes even more contemporary with the launch of ‘The Art of The City’ collection.

As the most striking piece at City of Dreams – The Legacy Mantle, the Chinese sculptor, Professor Sui Jianguo was invited as a special guest to launch his art piece -The Legacy Mantle as well as ‘The Art of The City’ collection. And he was honored with the City of Dreams Ambassador Award - representing Arts and Lifestyle. Professor Sui accepted his Ambassador Award from Mr. Lawrence Ho, Co-Chairman and CEO of Melco Crown Entertainment Limited.

To mark this special occasion as a multitude of creative talent comes together in harmony, City of Dreams released ‘The Art of the City’ collection guidebook at City of Dreams. With over 150 art pieces throughout the common areas of City of Dreams, in-depth information of 18 significant artists with 22 art pieces – their style, inspiration and pieces, are featured in the guidebook along with glossy pictures of the displayed works. Modern artists such as Mr. Xue Song, Ms. Marion Borgelt, Mr. Wu Shaoxiang, Ms. Chen Yu, Mr. Liu Ye, Mr. Danny Lee, Mr. Bo Yun and Mr. Wang Yehan along with others are some of the high-caliber artists exhibiting work throughout the integrated resort.

新濠天地欣然宣佈「藝遊新濠天地」收藏品系列正式揭幕, 令澳門的藝壇瀰漫著濃厚的當代藝術氣息。

作為新濠天地內最觸目的藝術品《衣缽》, 中國雕塑家隋建國教授獲邀擔任特別嘉賓, 為其作品《衣缽》及「藝遊新濠天地」收藏品系列揭開序幕。 同時, 由新濠博亞娛樂有限公司之聯席主席兼行政總裁何猷龍先生向隋教授頒授新濠天地藝術品味大使名銜。

為隆重其事, 新濠天地亦同時舉行「藝遊新濠天地」導賞指南發佈會, 標記著才華洋溢的藝術家聚首一堂。 超過150件藝術收藏品於新濠天地的公共空間展出, 當中18位首屈一指的藝術家及其22件作品的詳細資料, 包括他們的風格、靈感及作品, 連同作品的精美圖片一一刊載於指南中。 當中薛松先生、Marion Borgelt女士、吳少湘先生、陳魚女士、劉曄先生、李展輝先生、薄雲先生、王益輝先生等的作品都在新濠天地內展出。