Monday, 1 March 2010

Design for Living 張艾嘉 x 林奕華《華麗上班族之生活與生存》(张艾嘉 x 林奕华《华丽上班族之生活与生存》)

Design for Living

A female boss feels threatened by a rumour. To secure her position and power, she begins to play mind games with her office colleagues, stirring up a hornet's nest in the process. Who will be the ultimate winner in the ensuing struggle for love, wealth and power? Eminent Hong Kong director Edward Lam, Golden Horse award-winner Sylvia Chang plus popular Taiwan idol Joseph Cheng and actor David Wang will battle it out onstage to provide the answer.

Date: 3rd to 7th March, 2010
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Grand Auditorium, Macau Cultural Centre, Av. Xian Xing Hai, s/n, NAPE
Admission: MOP$300, $230, $150, $100
Organizer: Macau Cultural Centre
Tel: 2870 0699
Duration: Approximately 3 hour 15 minutes (including 15 minutes intermission)
Performed in Mandarin (with Chinese subtitles)
Best for aged 13 or above

同一個舞台上, 可以看到「分鏡」和「蒙太奇」, 又聽到「畫外音」, 串連而成舞台與電影的完美結合。 一條方程式:香港鬼才導演林奕華 x 金馬影后張艾嘉, 再加人氣偶像鄭元暢和王耀慶, 答案是大放異彩的《華麗上班族之生活與生存》。 首演以來在亞洲各地, 包括北京、上海、香港和台北等城市叫好叫座, 在澳門連加場在內兩度售票均告爆滿, 一齣引爆上班族幻想與慾望的舞台劇在澳門上演。

時間: 3月3日至3月7日晚上7時30分
地點: 澳門文化中心綜合劇院 / 冼星海大馬路
票價: 澳門幣$300, $230, $150, $100
主辦: 澳門文化中心
電話: 2870 0699
演出約長3小時15分鐘 (包括15分鐘中場休息)
普通話演出 (附中文字幕)